Balanced Ai 4 Business

  • Fast API response on secure AWS channel

  • Easy configuration and update through secured Control Panel

  • Any type of transaction can be scored, authorized or not

  • No private data stored (Data is stored for the duration of velocity thresholds)

  • Accessing external and additional databases for improved decision-making results

  • All incoming data is treated to what it is, not what it’s labeled (not only)

  • Adding/removing fields is done on the fly

  • New products or tiers can be immediately sent to API

  • Integrated Blacklist management tool with login and historical

  • Integrated Chargeback upload functionality (files or API)

  • Scoring can be tuned to any of the data variables

  • Each order receives a full clear answer with all variables that made the final score

  • Each order receives a clear “accept” or “reject” suggestion message

  • Scenario studies in Control Panel

  • Anomalies displayed first in Control Panel (Versus expected)